About Aversus

I set up Aversus early in 2019 to provide support to businesses without experienced data protection resources of their own. It was also in recognition of the general increase in business risks involving data.

Data is one of a business’ most valuable assets. Businesses rely more and more on the availability of their stored data and are wary of the significant impact of any losses.

The implementation of GDPR by the UK in May 2018 brought with it a raft of new legal requirements for the handling of personal data. It also publicised increases in potential fines for breaches. Add this to the continual evolution of technology processing data, human interactions and the rapidly expanding number of cyber threats, and data security is a risk no business can afford to ignore.

Before Aversus, I held full time Compliance Management roles within the IT Manufacturing, Service and Recycling sectors. Prior to that I also self-employed as a Management Systems Consultant. 

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I can clearly and simply set out for business managers how to reduce data security risks, meet standards and achieve legal compliance.

Martin Ruston, Data Protection Officer

Why choose Aversus?

The simple answer is practical experience! 

I understand from many years of hands on experience the difficulties businesses face in understanding their obligations under law, IT technologies, cyber threats, data security risks or the requirements of systems standards they are often asked to comply with.  

Through that experience, I can clearly and simply set out for business managers how to reduce data security risks, meet standards and achieve legal compliance all while offering support in finding practical and economical ways to achieve this.

I have a wealth of background in the implementation of technical data security measures and organisational policies. I’ve helped businesses meet legal requirements and those of recognised standards such as ISO27001, ISO22301, ADISA, Cyber Essentials, PCIDSS, DSP Toolkit.

As a compliance professional I have successfully guided many businesses through risk reduction initiatives, certification against recognised international standards and assisted in achieving successful outcomes under audit by numerous Government, public and private sector bodies.

In summary, if you need clear and effective advice and practical support from a resource who knows exactly how you’re feeling, please contact me for an informal chat.