‘The greatest risk to business data is the failure to protect it’

Keeping your business data safe

Aversus offers practical Data Protection consultancy for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our flexible approach is provided by an experienced practitioner at the level of support needed by our clients.

We provide technical and organisational support to help your business maintain data security within your environment and one which meets the demands of current data protection legislation.

Our approach is to provide affordable data protection advice and support in a manner which can easily be understood. This helps improve our clients’ confidence in managing their own data risks. 

Whether your business requires support on an ad-hoc basis or as an agreed annual service package for an assured Data Protection resource, please contact us to find out more.

Data Protection as a Service (DPS)

DPS provides your business the assurance that you always have access to a qualified resource, available when needed and at a cost to meet your budget.


Audits of your organisational and basic technical approach against legal requirements are provided to assess your current level of compliance. The audit will provide a full report and recommended actions.


Your employees can be the greatest risk to keeping your data safe. Ensuring they have the appropriate awareness and knowledge of the law, cyber threats and security policies is an essential element to protecting data.

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